Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Finding Mickey

So, Gabriel was pulling things out of mama's bureau and playing with them.  As you do. 

For the record, it was mama who handed him her black brassiere.  He wasn't sure what to do with it, so he handed it to me.  As the elder male figure in his life, I demonstrated male elegance and maturity by wearing the brassiere on my head.

He regarded me with a serious expression for a long moment, and then some sort of realization visibly fell into place in his mind and he smiled with satisfaction.

"It's Mickey Mouse!!"  he exclaimed. 

Whereupon he spent part of the morning wearing his new "Mickey Mouse ears." 

Welcome to our home. 

1 comment:

Kelly said...

This really made me smile. Also brought to mind the line from the movie Little Nicky where the character says, "I like your brassiere". My daughter has preferred the full pronunciation ever since. :)