Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hello from Albuquerque

Good evening from the lounge of the Route 66 Hostel near downtown Albuquerque.

After my second day at the base camp near the filming of Stephenie Myer's The Host, I returned to the hostel to organize myself for a dinner expedition in this unfamiliar city.  Getting a cup of water downstairs, I nearly collided with a bespectacled Frenchman in a kimono, who offered me some of the macrobiotic dinner he had just prepared.  He then introduced me to a folk singer who was also in the lounge, guitar by his side, where they were engaged in a spirited debate about anthropology. 

After my return, there will be a post or two about base camps, costume contact lenses, and sociological experiments.  For now, I hope everyone is having a pleasant week.

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