Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Dove Sanctuary

While I'm off in Albuquerque, please take a moment to wish our family of white-winged doves a good spring. 

Outside our dining room window, we saw a flimsy nest and later saw a white-winged dove nesting there.  It's a decent spot, as a matter of fact, the tree standing between our house and the brick wall along Spruce Street.  A quiet spot to receive the heat and hatch an egg or two. 

Some time later, we saw mama bird sitting with one small chick.  And before you know it (we're always saying that, aren't we), on Monday, we saw that chick exploring a different tree altogether.  Later on, chick and mama sat side by side on a branch near their nest, looking out over Spruce Street.

And Tuesday morning, that nest is empty. 

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Kelly said...

How quickly they fly the nest.