Friday, April 20, 2012

Tonight on USA: The Spot-Algernon Drinking Game

Choose your beverage.  Perhaps a refreshing juice, perhaps something stronger.

Tonight, on the USA Network, watch the new episode of In Plain Sight entitled "The Medal of Mary." 

(Coincidentally, the guest star of this episode is the actor Stephen Lang; I went to the college named for his father, Eugene Lang.) 

There are two scenes in this episode where I may be spotted, looking FBI-ish.  If and when you spot me, have a shot of your beverage.

If you miss it tonight, the show's website (linked above) will play full episodes, and there is also Hulu.  


Karuna from The Gathering said...

Congratulations on your FBI-ish fame! :)
I will keep my eyes open for you!

quid said...

I watched but didn't see you!


Algernon said...

I have not yet seen it myself. My neighbors watched and they spotted me in one of the scenes I'm in. I have a feeling I'm easy to miss... this is not a drinking game that will get anybody drunk.