Monday, May 21, 2012

Ox Herding in Deming

This past weekend, the Burning House was delighted to welcome the traveling ox-herder of the Buddhist blogosphere, Barry Briggs.  Barry has been on a long tour of the United States this year, visiting zen centers at many stops along the way.  He sheltered with us on Saturday night, and visited Deming Zen Center the next day.

He was even amenable to offering a dharma talk.  There are two video excerpts below, one longish and one shortish.

Yes, we know we need to upgrade our audio recording equipment.  Our apologies.  The dharma speech is well worth hearing, and may be easier to hear with headphones or external speakers.  

And here is the longer one, expounding on the tale of Milarepa...

Following his respite in Deming, Barry made his way up to Albuquerque by way of Hatch.  We wish him well on his long trip.

[Image: Barry and Gabriel on Sunday morning.]

1 comment:

Barry said...

Thank you, Algernon, for hosting me in your home. And - especially - thank you for investing so much of your life in helping others along the dharma path.

And even more thanks for editing these videos!

Best wishes, Barry