Thursday, May 24, 2012

Setting the sign free

Earlier this week, we reported on an awkward social situation involving campaign signs. 

To recap briefly: two friends of our family are running for the same district judge seat.  We had initially decided not to take public sides by posting a sign on our lawn for either of our friends; however, when one of their signs showed up on our corner anyway, I had to take sneaky measures to avoid embarrassment and the stigma of betrayal.

On Thursday, Andrew Hernandez pulled his car to a stop in the middle of Spruce Street and shouted to me from the open window:

"Free Jarod's sign!!!!   Set it free!!!   Just let it go!!"

Goats and monkeys, we thought.   Dr. Hernandez was absolutely right.  Jarod's sign was completely innocent in this affair, yet it was languishing in our garage, gathering dust among lawn tools and the bicycle I haven't gotten around to tuning up.  It was unjust. 

Fortunately, family and community came together to find a perfect solution.  The sign would have its freedom and serve its function.  My sister-in-law, an educator and photographer and a fellow homeowner, came forward and said, "I welcome this sign to my own front yard."

On Thursday afternoon, to my tremendous relief and satisfaction, I gave Jarod's sign its freedom on Santa Catalina Street in Deming.  Many thanks to my sister-in-law, and also to Dr. Hernandez, for their wisdom and compassion in this affair.

Does this conclude the affair of campaign signs and the Burning House?  Not quite.  As you know, dear reader, we do not usually shy away from taking positions on political affairs.  We have a visible space and a responsibility to use it.  Therefore, consider this a preliminary announcement:

The Burning House does have an official endorsement to make, and we will be putting our highly visible street corner to use after all.  It is not, however, the race you might expect.  We will return to this matter in a week or so.


Kelly said...

I'm glad Jarod's sign found a new and welcoming home. :)

Little Mama said...

You are hilarious.