Saturday, July 14, 2012

'Tis but a Scratch!

"Romeo mi ha ferito colla sua spada!" 

I explained to my Italian mom that on our opening night, during our swordfight, the actor playing Romeo actually wounded me with his sword.  We fight with rapiers and a dagger, and he got me in the thigh. 

For a split second, I assessed the sensation in my leg.  Did his blade go in deeply?  Bleeding?  Stitches?  Should I call "hold?"  It felt like a nasty cut, but I didn't feel blood running down my leg.  Not a very long fight.  So I got on with it, finished the scene, and once my Tybalt's corpse was carried offstage I pulled off my boots and tights to assess the damage. 

Nasty cut.  An authentic dueling scar for me.

I went out to the aperitivo concession and asked for disinfectant.  Giovanni, who works for the Corsini family and always exudes an air of quiet competence, produced a bottle and some cotton within a minute. 

The following morning, my Italian mom's eyes popped out when I told her of my injury, and she asked to see the wound.  I pulled up my trouser leg and showed her the cut -- still painful looking but healing nicely.  She nodded and immediately poured me a glass of red wine.  This was at breakfast. 

[Image:  Your humble correspondent rehearsing a fight with rapier and dagger.  In the background is Charlie Jones, a young actor from the UK playing Romeo.]

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Lorianne said...

I want an Italian mom.