Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lucca tries to blow up the house

There is stress and then there is stress.

The level of stress and activity in the Burning House this month has permitted little time for blogging -- at least, for writing the kind of blog pieces we would prefer to offer you, gentle readers and friends.  We'll tell the stories in dribbles and drabs as time permits.  These are surely interesting times.

And there is stress.  As when one discovers one's 19-month old child happily exploring a pile of wooden "easy strike" matches.  This is an example of time-release stress, because once you clear up all the matches, a certain doubt lingers: how confident can you feel that you really got them all? 

The 19-month old we refer to is indeed Lucca J. D'Ammassa.  Take a look at the curiosity in his face and you may get a sense of the kind of person we are dealing with:


On a recent Saturday, the woman of the house greets us with a screwdriver and says, "We need to unscrew the heating grate in the living room."

We had given it our best, most virile and husbandly effort at it for a few minutes, only to discover that the ancient screw would turn round in place for a thousand years, but the grate wasn't going to budge.  It occurred then to ask why we were attempting to do this anyway.

Which is when we learned that Lucca had found some more of those wooden matches, the easy-striking kind -- where was he finding them?? -- and dropped three of them down the really nifty heating grate in the living room.

How risky would it be to just leave them there?  How likely could it be that they would simply ignite one day when the heat was going strong?  Could we just forget the whole thing?

There is stress, and there is stress.  The stress of wondering, as the furnace hums to life in the basement, if we really wanted to take the chance.

In our own virile and husbandly way, our solutions involved destruction.  If the grate would not unscrew, we would need to cut it.  This was not, however, the best solution at all, but the kind of solution borne of frustration and stress.  The kind of solution that leads to what you see on the "There, I fixed it" blog

Credit where it is due: that very woman of the house came up with the idea.  She took a curtain rod, wrapped one end of it in packaging tape with the sticky side out, and dipped it into the grate to catch the matches and carefully pull them up where she could nab them with her long, thin fingers.  The third match took a few tries, but she got them.

Here is the inventive Mrs. at her work:

And in the time we spent paying attention to this, Lucca arranged his mother's shoes in an intricate labyrinth from which we would have to rescue him.  A fairly typical day in the life of this child.

There is stress and then there is stress.  It is, however, Thanksgiving week, and on this first day of Thanksgiving week we give thanks that our son has not blown up the house.  As yet. 


Kelly said...

Oh my. Bless your hearts!

I am very impressed with the solution for retrieving the matches. Good thinking!!

Mandy_Fish said...

And I thought playing with matches was just an expression. Ha.