Thursday, January 17, 2013

An Update from Too Busy

When you tend to have a lot of projects, you have months where several deadlines arrive in close succession.  Or all at once.  This month has been like that. 

Among the Dust of Thieves premiered in Mesilla, and has had such a good run at the Cineport 10 that I hear they are extending the run for another few days. Meanwhile, over at the No Strings Theatre (which has sort of become my artistic home), we are about to open a show that has been a bumpy process to say the least. 

Around the same time, I delivered the first installment of a monthly column for the Deming Headlight.   The Headlight also splashed my mug on the front page for a profile about me and the movie

The Fantasticks opens tomorrow night in Las Cruces.  The show began rehearsal in October.  I did not audition for the show initially, but was asked to come in after an actor they were hoping to cast declined.  An actor injured his foot and had to drop out.  The music director quit. Musicians were busy and scarce.  There were long breaks in rehearsal due to holidays.  We have also had a pretty tough flu season and there have been many illnesses in the cast.  (A norovirus got me in December and made me useless for three days.)  My wife intially agreed to help coach our singing, but ultimately became one of two accompanists for the shows as well.  This has added a long commute (with our young boys) to her schedule.  It's been exhausting.  Moreover, despite working on this show since October, we are barely ready to open.  Getting there, certainly; but still working out some kinks in the music.

A new semester begins today at New Mexico State University, where I am a visiting professor this year.  Tomorrow morning, I resume my acting classes for non-theatre majors (mostly film students), this time in the brand new performing arts center on the corner of University and Espina.  Part of my job is running a children's theatre workshop, and I am working on a script for their public show this spring.  At the same time, I am considering options for employment after May, when my assignment here ends. 

And then there's the performing arts camp in Deming this summer.

And possibly directing a show in Las Cruces. 

And we haven't even mentioned Deming Zen Center yet.  Retreats, classes, weekly practice.  Painting the walls. 

It's a lot, it's all important, and usually it's okay. 

It just gets tricky when everything happens at once. 

On that note, I'm supposed to be somewhere right now...

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Kelly said...

Funny how it all "happens" at once.

I received my copy of the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. Good job by all!

The Fantastiks - I haven't thought of that musical in years. We did a number from it when I was in a college choir, many years ago.