Sunday, January 06, 2013

Glyphs from the desert

One of the first things I did after we unpacked our U-Haul truck here in Deming, back in 2008, was buy a copy of the local newspaper, the Deming Headlight.

In these subsequent years, I've contributed occasional letters, op-eds, and photographs.  As a reader, I have particularly enjoyed the weekly column by Win Mott, the Anglican bishop for our area, entitled "Desert Sage."  Win writes about social and political matters in a humanitarian spirit, sometimes making reference to Christian scripture, sometimes not.  As I was introducing a zen center to this community, Win was a welcoming neighbor, allowing us to hold our early retreats at his church. 

On New Year's Day, Win called me from his home in Columbus, asking me to be a pinch-hitter once a month.  In other words, I will now be sharing the "Desert Sage" column with him, contributing a column for the second Thursday of each month.  This begins next week.

It is a new benchmark in my long career of writing for no pay.  It will be a good exercise, however.  The Headlight's readership is a very different audience than the one for this blog.  The material will be original although inevitably I will address similar topics and themes.

[Image: Spring Canyon on Christmas day]

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LizFromLB said...

How fun to have a regular column in the local paper. And I see the Headlight has an online presence so you and Win Mott will have at least one reader in LA.