Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Here there be werewolves

Deming is a city that feels like a small town.  The visitor would be forgiven for thinking there isn't much excitement around here.  Indeed, the high rates of DUI arrests and teen pregnancy in our county (which are matters of fact and nothing to joke about) might well be attributed to the simple fact that there isn't much to do around here aside from drinking and fucking. Or you can play Bingo, as a matter of civic duty, since around here bingo provides funding for necessary social services at the senior center.  (Read about it here.) 

But you know what they say, bored people find excitement.  Or, depending on what you believe, excitement comes to them.

Just today, I was walking down Spruce Street towards the library -- which is where I go when I need to concentrate, as working in my home is simply impossible.  The owner of the Readers Cove bookstore, a photographer by the name of Dan, was standing on the corner and said, "Come in and talk to me!  I need normal conversation!"

He then told me about his procession of customers and odd requests, the latest being the man who came in because he had woken up this morning and found a pentagram on his hand, and took himself straight to the bookstore to find books on lycanthrope

I thought of proceeding a little further down the street to check in at the tattoo parlor, see if maybe a drunk cowboy had come in and gotten a pentagram tattooed on his hand last night.

Or maybe I should keep the cat in tonight.

Next question is, how would a werewolf do against the stray pits and mastiffs and rotts that roam the city?

Perhaps this is why Deming has all these dogs: to keep out the werewolves of the Mimbres Valley. 

Come to think of it, was that wolfsbane I saw at the farmer's market?

Are there silver bullets in stock at that gun store on Pine?

What's in that locked room at the Deming-Luna museum?

What about those tunnels underneath downtown?

Yeah, okay.  It is kind of boring around here.

[Image:  a Deming street, taken in February 2012.]


Kelly said...

Well now, this was thought provoking. ;)

Mandy_Fish said...

I delighted in your use of a naughty word. I admit it.

Debby said...

Wowser. Even our little town isn't THAT hard up for excitement, Algernon.