Sunday, February 03, 2013

Fixes are comforts (5 danari)

When it feels like no one is understanding, try listening.

When it feels like you're plummeting, look for your feet.

When it feels like you're always trying to fix things, try leaving them alone.

When it feels like you're inherently broken, pick one thing you can work on today.

Or take a nap.  (That might be the problem.)

It's amazing the difference a glass of water can make.

These seem like fixes, but it's not about fixing.  "Fixes" are comforts. 

Last night, the audience for our show responded to things very differently than most of our audiences have previously.  They laughed at fewer things, did not applaud at the same things.  Actors remarked that they "seemed quiet" and one even said it was "a tough room" out there.

And yet no one denied that the audience enjoyed the show just as much as our other audiences.  They were simply having their own experience and responding in their own way.  I enjoy this.  They get to be who they are, and when it feels different, this can help the performers wake up and experience their own work with a refreshing immediacy.

Same with people in general, not just "audiences."  Same with the world.  Same with everything. Wake up. 

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