Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Report from my shared office

Ah, how things change.  I'm very grateful to have teaching work this semester, it's just that the circumstances are very different than last year.

A year ago, I was a visiting assistant professor in the Theatre Arts department of New Mexico State University.  I had a full-time course load.  And an office of my own in order to manage those courses and meet with students as needed.

As readers of this blog know, they hired their permanent professor in the spring, but as luck would have it some friends at the Creative Media Institute invited me to teach a course as an adjunct this semester.  So here I am, teaching for a different department.  Although I don't have a private office I have been assigned space in a shared office.  I do not have a key to this office, but someone kindly let me in.

From that shared office space, this report.  I am wearing my coat because it is freezing cold in the room. 


jahgust said...

Seriously wetting myself dear boy!! Oh please do more of these!!

Kelly said...

My daughter had an adjunct position last spring and I'm not sure they even gave her shared office space. Looks like she was the fortunate one! Ha!!