Sunday, February 02, 2014

You have enormous potential

Dear Sir, Our company is looking for serious buyers of Au Gold Dust /Bar,We are local community miners here in Ghana West Africa Region.We the community local miners are into mining activities here in Tarkwa, Obuasi, Kenyasi, village here in Ghana, but our head office is in Accra city the capital of Ghana. We are pleased to let you know that we are searching for genuine buyers that are capable to go into long term business relationship with us and also looking for partnership to improve our mining activities to mega mining.Presently we have enough quantity of gold dust and gold bars for sell at a very good price, but we required our fist time buyers or buyer’s representative to visit us here in Ghana and have a meeting together with the entire community. Again we are ready to take the gold along with the buyer or his mandate to refinery or a security company for assay to his satisfaction before any payment for the gold.we welcome any buyer interested to do business with us, if you don’t have visa to enter Ghana let us know as soon as possible we the community miners will issued automatic letter of invitation immediately,You will only go to any of our Ghana embassy in your country and they will give you visa within 24 to 48 hours, and it’s ourobligation to be at the airport to welcome you with respect and honor for long term business relationship with us. Please feel free to contact us with the details contact bellow for further inquires that will enable you open full communication with our company personal email address: Thanks, Shanda Kupesi.

Dear Shanda,

You have enormous potential, and if you are looking to take your fraudulent business scheme to the next level, you have found the right man.  This is what I do!  I offer consulting and training to offshore scam artists and pretty soon I will actually be opening an office in Accra.  If you act quickly, I can offer you a very special package of consulting and services in exchange for investing in our Ghana expansion.  Our business is called Trust U.S. and if you would kindly wire me your personal bank account information and authorization to withdraw funds, I can set up your first monthly payment.  You will be helping bring Trust U.S. to Accra and we, in turn, can help you design and execute an effective e-mail fraud campaign.  The world no longer trusts badly spelled emails from personal yahoo accounts offering implausible stories – these are the signs of the amateur.  For true professionals, you need to cook up a plausible business scheme, set up professional-looking business email accounts and web pages, and pay attention to little details like being consistent about which name is on your account.  We can also help you with your Facebook marketing, including profile photographs that are in focus.  Little details matter.  For more ambitious grifters, we also offer political consultation, guides to starting a career as a lobbyist or a candidate for elected office.  So don’t delay!  Send all your personal financial information to me right away at

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Nicholas Stoodley said...

Loved your reply. I've stopped now, but before I regularly invented wonderfully compelling schemes to seduce money launderers in Nigeria and Lotto winnings dispensers in Holland into thinking they had just hooked the greatest sucker in the world on the end of their slimy lines.
What is so distressing is that greed so easily blinds reason to the point of complete stupidity.
I like the way you right - the vibrations are positive: clear, lucid and assured.