Thursday, August 07, 2014

"Desert Sage" announcement

"Desert Sage" is a local editorial column for the Deming Headlight, originated by Win Mott in 2001. For nearly 12 years, Win wrote the weekly column himself, appearing on the Thursday editorial page. Beginning in 2013, the column was shared by Win, me, Lynn Olson, and Richard Thatcher -- all residents of Luna County, New Mexico, writing about national and world events with a viewpoint grounded in the place where we lived. I've been sharing my own monthly "Desert Sage" pieces on this blog.

Today comes the announcement that I will take over the column entirely, starting immediately.  Read Win Mott's transition column here.

So now it begins. What the heck do I write about this week?

[Image: Writing session at Cherokee Coffee in Cherokee, North Carolina. Here for another 9 days before driving home to New Mexico.]

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Kelly said...

Congratulations on getting it all to yourself!