Sunday, March 08, 2015

Introducing "Ask A Trucker"

Several weeks ago, I was walking in Deming a few blocks from where the I-10 cuts through town. Approaching Gold and Pine, I heard a sound like a cannon going off and jumped straight up in the air.

Moving to where I could look up and see the bridge where the interstate passed by downtown, I saw an 18-wheeler. It had blown a tire - that was the sound I heard - and come to rest with the guard rail deeply embedded in the truck - the guard rail that prevented the truck from falling onto Gold. A bad day for that driver but no one was hurt.

Soon I wondered, having never driven a vehicle that size, how difficult it was to keep control if a tire blew out. I drive on that interstate all the time, almost every day, sharing two lanes with a large number of trucks.

Happily, I had a resource. My baby cousin Chris, a war veteran who is now a truck driver. The conversation took place on Facebook and a couple of other people asked questions while Chris happily responded. And that's where we got the idea for this new feature: "Ask A Truck Driver."

My cousin is willing to respond to questions, and I'll post them here. If you've ever had a question or wondered something about trucks, ask my cousin. Send your questions to me at nogate at-symbol gmail dot com. (I'm typing it that way to reduce spam.)

I don't know how often or how quickly Chris can respond - remember, his working life is on the road - but this might be a fun venue for reader participation and maybe to spread some useful information among those of us who share the road with trucks.

[Image: That really is a sculpture made from two oil tankers. I know it's real because I saw it, watched a crew finish welding it, and I climbed the inside and outside of it. It was on exhibit at Burning Man in 2007. The piece was named "Big Rig Jig," designed by Mike Ross.]

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quid said...

Great sculpture! Interesting premise for the blog!