Wednesday, November 04, 2015

A Marketing Redirect

An exchange of emails dated today.



Do you have a minute to discuss some observations I've made on Demingzen.Org
There are some specific things that stick out (Visibility/conversion, etc). I think a few well-executed strategy redirects could tremendously impact revenue generated by the site.

To underline the point, can I have my consultants conduct an Extensive Web Needs Audit (on us)? We'll detail exactly how each respective strategy can be implemented. On top of that, we can furnish numerous positive references upon request.

All I would need to know is when you would have a quick moment to jump on the phone to get things started (as well as the best direct contact line).

Excited for the opportunity to connect,
Caryn M.

Dear Caryn,

I would think the very first thing you observed would be that our website is not a revenue generating site. It's a tiny site focused on a community meditation group and is not involved in the sale of merchandise or services.

But if you want to know about zen meditation I'm happy to tell you all about that.

In Dharma,
Mu Mun

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