Monday, February 08, 2016

On the ABC Debate Debacle

The hilariously botched introduction to the ABC Republican candidates' debate has gone viral and there are lots of jokes pinning the folly on the politicians supposedly botching the show. I disagree.

The great ABC debate debacle speaks to the importance of rehearsal. You rehearse entrances like that. And some professional common sense goes a long way. Carson and Trump didn't hear their names because the names were called too quickly in the midst of loud cheering and applause. All of the candidates (except Christie) were put in awkward positions because of poor preparation and sloppy execution by their hosts. And as for the moderators not even noticing that a candidate hadn't made it to the stage - what a stunning error. I'm not blaming the candidates for any of this. This is 100% ABC and a stunning failure of basic stage management.

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