Friday, March 09, 2018

Just one of those days

Man, it's been one of those days. You know what I mean?

Like Wednesday. Just your run of the mill day, at first. It's time for an oil change so you bring your car in to the dealership so they can change the oil and look at a couple of other things, no big deal, just one of those days. 

So they bring the car to you after you've been making your best effort at working on your laptop with the WiFi but there's an old guy in the waiting room who likes his Fox News on really really loud, but that's how waiting rooms are, and everyone's doing their best, so you get along. Just one of those days. 

They bring you your car and you pay and after you climb in you happen to notice that the oil light is on. Well, that's odd, but you figure it might be that fancy digital system your car has, maybe it needs to reboot, so you turn off the engine thinking you'll turn it back on. But instead of starting, now your car makes a horrible squealing sound. That is also when you notice that the hood isn't locked down and you think, No. You don't suppose...? Oh HELL no. 

So you get out and lift up the hood and you find this:

Why yes they did. Well, that's a minor mistake, no big deal. It's not like they drove it without an oil filter or anything. Oh wait...

There's that. And oh look at this, where they drove your car....

Well, son of a bitch. We have now graduated to having one of those days. 

So they push your car back into the garage to see if it has been totaled. They arrange a rental car for you. You realize how rarely it is you see a man actually turn grey before your eyes, and you know he is thinking: 

Son of a bitch. I just might get fired today. It is one of those days. 

Hours later, taking time away from work yet again, after you have been working and wondering whether you are going to have to go shopping for a car all over again,you are speaking to the manager of the dealership, who said your car was right as rain! Everything is great! You are saying "of course we both understand that we don't know what's happened to my bearings and pistons, not without taking apart the goddamn engine block, but if I hear anything unusual I will bring it back" and perhaps you discuss a couple of compensatory arrangements for all this uncertainty, as you do when you are a diligent car owner who understands his engine may or may not have been permanently damaged in a moment of carelessness.

Then you get around to the small talk. Where are you from, is that name Italian, and hey what do you in Deming anyway? 

And you answer, "Oh, I'm a reporter for the local newspaper." 

And something passes across his eyes though his smile doesn't fade. Just a glint of light, a barely perceptible twitch, and you can plainly read what he is thinking just then:

Oh. It's one those days. 

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