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February            An Iliad and Killing Buddha
                          Theatre Dojo
                          Las Cruces, New Mexico

Randy and Algernon return to the Black Box Theatre to reprise An Iliad and present their new, award-winning original show, Killing Buddha. Details will appear here soon.

April 15             Killing Buddha
                          Theatre Dojo
                          Silver City, New Mexico

April 16             Killing Buddha
                          Theatre Dojo
                          Deming, New Mexico

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May 6-22           The Explorers Club by Nell Benjamin
                           No Strings Theatre Company, Las Cruces 

A hilarious play about Victorian-era explorers, directed by Algernon.

June 23-July 3    Killing Buddha
                           Theatre Dojo
                           San Diego International Fringe Festival

July 8-9              Killing Buddha
                           Theatre Dojo
                           The Cell Theatre, Albuquerque, New Mexico

July 30-              Songs of Un-Creation
August 7             Theatre Dojo
                            Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival, Salt Lake City, Utah 

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October 7-23       Agamemnon
                            No Strings Theatre Company , Las Cruces, New Mexico                

Algernon directs the first play of the Oresteia, and plays a walk-on role as Aegisthus.


The Cellar Door (2007) is available on NetFlix, but is no longer available via streaming.  (Watch a trailer.)

Last Days (2010) played at the Plaza Classic Film Festival in El Paso and the White Sands International Film Festival in August 2011.  View a trailer here.

Eaters (originally presented as Folklore in 2012) was screened in Las Cruces in July 2012 under its original title, and was released by Lionsgate as Eaters in October 2015.  Let's just say I wish you could see the 2012 movie, and I'm sorry if you spent money to see the 2015 version. Mmmkay, moving on.

Humble Spirits: A Family of Fighters (2012) is a documentary about the Han family, a family of boxers in El Paso, Texas.  Algernon is the narrator.  The film played at the 2012 Plaza Classic Film Festival.

Among the Dust of Thieves (2013), a short historical drama set in New Mexico's old west, premiered in Old Mesilla in January 2013.  After a short run at the Cineport, the film has been released on DVD and can be ordered here.  More details as they come. And yes, here's the trailer.

Princess (2014) is a short film produced by the Creative Media Institute directed by Ross Marks. It was filmed in Las Cruces, New Mexico and at Fort Bliss National Cemetery in El Paso, Texas, in the spring of 2014. The film was selected by the Cleveland International Film Festival in March 2015, and in the same month it won several awards including "Best of Fest" at the Southern Arizona Independent Film Festival. It also played at the Plaza Classic Film Festival in El Paso, and in December 2015 it is slated to play at the Santa Fe Film Festival.

Watch Princess on YouTube by clicking here.

Doc (to be released in 2016, maybe?) is a short drama about a combat medic, in which Algernon plays a supporting role as a psychiatrist. The film has had a long post-production process and an official release date has not been set, but there is an official trailer: click here.

INDUSTRIALS:  On-line, you can view two short films produced by Wilcher Productions in which Algernon plays roles.  They are commercial films designed to make businesses attractive to prospective buyers.

Procrastination (2011) tells the story of three families, and a health services company.  Algernon plays a working husband whose mother is starting to forget things.  You can view it online here.

The Burglary Triple Play (2011) is based on an actual heist, and Algernon plays one of a pair of burglars who make a business owner's life hell for a day.  View it here.


Algernon is an adjunct professor at New Mexico State University and occasionally teaches acting classes for adults and teens at the Black Box Theatre.