Films, Live Shows, and Classes

I don't act much anymore.

From the age of 9, all I ever wanted was to be an actor - and from the age of 10, my focus was on the stage. In fifth grade, I was exposed to the work of the Trinity Repertory Company and personally introduced to the late stage actor Richard Kavanaugh.

The thing is, passion notwithstanding, I just wasn't very good at it, and a propensity for deep, brooding depressions and self-loathing did little for my artistic growth. One of my teachers in New York City was Janet Sonnenberg, who said to me in front of my classmates: "You're cute. But you're not a good actor." As my universe fluttered, she continued: "I've known several actors who weren't particularly good but worked very hard, built their skill, and were able to work in the field. Maybe that's you." That set the tone for most of my adult life.

Long story short: I worked hard, earned an M.F.A., improved my skills considerably, joined Equity. But I never loved the business much and by 2006 I had given up on a professional career - and my union card. I never quit making art wherever I could - sometimes acting, sometimes directing. I've written a couple of scripts. I even taught acting classes.

One artistic project that has brought me a lot of joy and taught me a lot is Theatre Dojo, which you can read about here. Two of my closest friends, Christopher Nelson and Randy Granger, have entered my life because of that project.

Occasionally I still talk, sometimes even sing, in public. If any of the shows or public talks below are in your area, I hope you'll come out and have a look. Below these dates is a filmography with comments about a few film projects I've been part of.


So far in 2018, Theatre Dojo has been to Tucson with Killing Buddha, and I had a lot of fun performing with my friends at the Scaffolding Theatre Company in a production of Five Course Love that played in El Paso, Las Cruces, and Socorro.

I'm pursuing more bookings for Theatre Dojo and if I remember, I will update this space.


The Cellar Door (2007) is available on NetFlix, but is no longer available via streaming.  (Watch a trailer.) Aforementioned close friend Christopher Nelson wrote the screenplay. He later married the film's female lead, Michelle Tomlinson. They are family to me. There have been efforts to produce a sequel to this film. We've joked about me coming back to get killed in that one as well.

Last Days (2010) played at the Plaza Classic Film Festival in El Paso and the White Sands International Film Festival in August 2011. Some of my work in this is okay. Some of it makes me cringe. A black-and-white version of the film is now available on Amazon under a new title, The Last Ones. 

Eaters (originally presented as Folklore in 2012) was screened in Las Cruces in July 2012 under its original title, and was released by Lionsgate as Eaters in October 2015.  This was filmed on a shoestring budget in Las Cruces and Deming in July 2010. I had a lot of fun working on it and enjoyed a fleeting friendship with the director and writer, Johnny Tabor. In fact, I enjoyed pretty darn much everybody on that set.

It was in post-production hell for a long time. The 2012 cut was entertaining. The Lionsgate DVD version is unwatchable. Really. The reviews of the film online are pretty devastating. I'm playing the heavy, wearing a wig that has attracted epic internet mockery. I could not bear to watch the DVD all the way through. Few of the friends I made on that set talk to me anymore. I just sort of pretend it never happened.

Humble Spirits: A Family of Fighters (2012) is a documentary about the Han family, a family of boxers in El Paso, Texas. The director was Andrew Jara, who wrote and directed Last Days (above). I was the narrator. The film played at the 2012 Plaza Classic Film Festival but I don't think anything has happened with it since.

Among the Dust of Thieves (2013), a short historical drama set in New Mexico's old west, premiered in Old Mesilla in January 2013.  After a short run at the Cineport, the film was released on DVD and I think it can still be ordered here.  And here's the trailer. If you only watch one thing I did on film, watch this. It's a performance I can watch without cringing, and I'm even proud of some of it. Decent work.

Princess (2014) is a short film produced by the Creative Media Institute directed by Ross Marks. It was filmed in Las Cruces, New Mexico and at Fort Bliss National Cemetery in El Paso, Texas, in the spring of 2014. The film was selected by the Cleveland International Film Festival in March 2015, and in the same month it won several awards including "Best of Fest" at the Southern Arizona Independent Film Festival. It also played at the Plaza Classic Film Festival in El Paso and the Santa Fe Film Festival. I heard it got packaged onto some DVD collection somewhere. I don't know. People frequently run up to me after seeing this to tell me they liked it.

Watch Princess on YouTube by clicking here.

Doc is a short drama about a combat medic, in which I play a supporting role as a psychiatrist. The film has had a long post-production process and an official release date has not been set, but there is an official trailer: click here.

INDUSTRIALS:  On-line, you can view two short films produced by Wilcher Productions in which Algernon plays roles.  They are commercial films designed to make businesses attractive to prospective buyers.

Procrastination (2011) tells the story of three families, and a health services company.  Algernon plays a working husband whose mother is starting to forget things.  You can view it online here.

The Burglary Triple Play (2011) is based on an actual heist, and Algernon plays one of a pair of burglars who make a business owner's life hell for a day.  View it here.