Sunday, November 12, 2006

Black Bean Soup

Screw restaurants. This is about food. It's about cooking. And home. It's about old chairs that wiggle, tables that have to be cleared for supper, beer and conversation.
You take some cumin and coriander and oregano and you toast them together. Should only take a couple of minutes. You'll know because it releases their fragrance.

You get your onions and garlic going in the canola oil. I salt my oil a little bit. Ready to eat already? Here, you can get going on those jalapenos. Gut them with a spoon and mince them up. Don't rub your eyes.

As the onions soften up the thyme is added, followed immediately by the other herbs. Stir that up and cook it together. There is no tomato paste, so I'm using some good canned marinara sauce we have sitting around; another option would be salsa. Cook, stir, smell. Ah.

Add this to a pot of cooked beans with the water still boiling. Add water if necessary. I'm using canned beans, so I simply add the beans to the sauce along with plenty of boiling water.
Simmer and enjoy the smell. Then a friend calls up and the invitation is tendered: get over here, there is soup afoot, and the soup has accomplices: beer and bread. Get over here.

Add cilantro if you like it. Remove it after the simmer, a little less than an hour. The beans should soften up and be hot through and through - if you're using canned, they won't need to cook so long.

Stir in those minced jalapenos. I used two and the soup wasn't very hot at all - strange, the peppers looked pretty good. After 15 minutes, blend some of the soup. I blended too much. It shouldn't be a drink. You want to have some beans to chew on.

Back in the soup pot on the stove. Tamari. Fresh ground pepper. You can serve with a dollop of sour cream but I don't. Put the bowls out, break the baguette with your hands, pour the beer, go over to that stove and get yourself some soup.

Let's talk politics and art. Sex. Pranks. Therapeutic models. Families. Laugh at the cat's antics and enjoy some food and be human together. It's chilly outside.

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j said...

I hate beans but you made me reconsider. I'd read more cookbooks if they made it this clear what the effort is for. (I'm one of those people who simply do not have the faculty of imagination and sense of adventure in the kitchen. It'd always be a play for tradgedy and a dance around hazardous chemicals when I get involved.)