Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fume Responsibly

Sometimes our passions move us to anger, and we do silly things. This is not to demonize anger. It can be a strong motivator, while it also acts as an intoxicant. It mixes badly with driving. It can lead to delusional ideas. We may say and do things we regret.

In Derry, New Hampshire, folks have been debating the sport of deer-hunting and weighing the ecological necessity versus the behavior of hunters. A member of the town’s Conservation Commission got so upset she got in her car and drove the residence of the Fish and Game Commissioner. She walked past the “No Trespassing” sign on his property and told Commissioner she wanted to show him something. That’s when she produced a deer’s head she had found in the woods. To make matters worse, she proceeded to talk. There is uncomfortable situation and no error of judgment that cannot be made worse by talking. Buffeted by her outrage over the negligence of some hunter, she made a reference to the handgun she carries and assured the Commissioner that she could hit anything she aimed at. The Commissioner took due note of that. The woman has since resigned her position and charges may be filed. (The story is here.)

Of course, when it comes to rage actions speak yet louder than words. Last week, the actress Denise Richards demonstrated the unintended consequences of rage when she flipped out on the set of a movie she is filming in Vancouver. She grabbed a laptop belonging to a paparazzo and flung it out the window. Of course, the computer hit somebody and Miss Richards had some explaining to do. She bagged an 80-year old woman in a wheelchair, and hunting season for them hasn’t started yet. If the police were angry, at least they didn’t bring her the woman’s head.

There’s a reason they call it losing your head, and I mean no offense to the deer.

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