Monday, November 20, 2006

Premiere of the Theatre Dojo

We completed our first "Intro Workshop" this weekend and we got some good critical feedback. Overall, the participants told us we were onto something very good. Our teaching styles melded nicely, and the areas of overlap were so broad it was very easy to hand the ball to one another. At the same time, the connections were new to our participants.

One man spoke of the grief with which he has been contending, as he realizes that the dream that brought him to Los Angeles - of a full-time acting career - is not going to work out for him. He appreciates the life he does have - he has a family and loves his work. Still, the heartache is there, and his story is a common one. Over the weekend, we considered acting as a broader vocation and, I don't mind saying, even as a ministry. We aren't presenting the world with yet another theatre company or acting school, but as a kind seminary using expressive arts and spiritual practice as a way of healing ourselves and then healing our community (whatever that means in the individual's situation). It's something new made out of things that are very old.

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Anonymous said...

it is comforting that you and your colleagues heal with art.

Ji Hyang said...

Congrats on realising this vision-