Sunday, November 05, 2006


The following Letter To The Moon appeared on The Blue Doodle in October.


Dear Moon,

Who is that woman who keeps peering at me in the bathroom?

Can I not brush my teeth or do my hair without her bounding up to the window in there and peering at me? My time of life, you deserve some privacy. Her apartment is a mess. Maybe she should put her attention to that.

I could ask my son to go over there and help her. Give him something to do besides holding down my couch. He visits me all the time. He has the time. Hanging around my house, all he does is hide things. I ask him to help me with business affairs and his answers don't make any sense to me. Can I trust him? Why must I be alone with this man? Where is my daughter, and where is my son? They leave me here with this strange man.

Yes, he could go and help that woman and leave me to straighten up my apartment. It could use some work. The clock is dusty and the light in my room is going stale. These clothes here, they might be hers. Yes, I think they are. He should go help her, and leave me to straighten up. I've got the time. Sir, you go help that woman. Take these sweaters back to her. Tell her I have my own laundry to get on with.

My time of life, to be picking up after others. You know I went in there today to do up my hair - you know my son is supposed to be coming over - and sure enough, she came bounding right in to gawp at me. And I asked her straight out: "Who do you think you are?"

Not a damn word from her.

And this man, just holding down my couch. My son will look after him, if he ever comes.

Maybe it is time to leave, what do you think? It is dark outside, but I imagine I'll be all right if I choose one direction. I can just follow you, moon. Just go and see what comes of it. I have the time.

Must run now. Ta.


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