Friday, April 27, 2007

What If You Opened A Store and Nobody Came?

So strange. Having spent so much time talking about the concept, hearing the feedback and the excitement, getting a space, recruiting teachers, incorporating - now we're in that difficult stage where we've got a store and nobody is walking in. Gotta stick through this part, but it's spooky: sitting in an empty store wondering if your investment is lost.

It's one thing to have a good idea, another thing to make it happen. It is still another thing to stick with it, waiting for its heart to start beat independently, while the business partners get nervous and pull in different directions, and ones own doubtful voices keen and whine.


Theriomorph said...

Hope tons of people come! It sounds eminently cool and useful.

Anonymous said...

I remember what a scary feeling those first few days give you. Fingers crossed that you got more traffic this weekend.....


Trinity said...

I hope all goes for the best!! :-)
I think you're an optimistic person, isn't it?