Monday, September 24, 2007

Paint My Head

Some people see a bald head, and perceive a monk.

Others, like my friend Chris, see a canvas.

One day at Burning Man, Chris looked at me and abruptly seized a package of water-based markers. "Hold still," he bade me, and since I'm used to him ordering me around I held still while he drew on my head.

He enjoyed it so much, he repeated this action the following evening, improvising a more elaborate, quasi-mystical design on my face and scalp. This time, I reciprocated by drawing mysterious designs on his chest.

This inspired a notion I might propose the next time I go to Burning Man. It might be nice to go to the family camp area, take a seat, and let the children paint my head with fingerpaints.

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Ji Hyang said...

Algernon, you need a new entry...