Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Bad Impulse

A film crew took over part of my fiance's neighborhood. There were trucks filled with sleek chrome equipment and lights, a crane, and young men running around in black t-shirts. Yesterday morning, they were setting up cones to reserve parking spaces for themselves.

The film and television industry are supposed to post notices about this sort of thing. In my old neighborhood in Echo Park, we got them regularly: it was usually The Shield, which often filmed episodes on the hills around my apartment.

No notices about this shoot, and they were taking parking spaces away for a wide cross-section of Griffith Park Boulevard and Rowena Avenue. I didn't realize how much territory they were claiming until I returned from work yesterday evening.

It had been a particularly tough drive home. A deadly day on the freeways, causing backups and clogs that left me poking along the 5 at about as many miles per hour, listening to Robert Siegel forlornly throughout the supper hour. Passing that by only to find the street completely parked up, and so much street parking blocked off by the damn cones of the film crew (reaching far down Rowena), was so disagreeable that a dark revolutionary spirit was tapped in my being.

When I slammed my door shut with my baggage over my shoulder, I had a plan. I crossed Rowena and walked down the street on the side where the cones were. I was determined to fling some of these cones up onto the curb and liberate parking for the rightful residents of the community; and equally determined not to feel the slightest bit guilty about it.

That's when I noticed one of the black t-shirt guys hurriedly picking up the cones and stacking them. Shooting was done for the day, and the crew members were all preparing to go back to their own homes and look for parking spaces.

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