Tuesday, October 09, 2007

California Thanksgiving Every Day

Linda Blackford and her mom out in Kentucky are going to try a "100-mile Thanksgiving," a meal consisting entirely of produce harvested within 100 miles of her home. They will have turkeys and blackberries from Bourbon County, various local vegetables, a butternut squash pie, apple chutney in place of cranberries, local flours and milk. This is partly an economic statement, and partly a mother-daughter creative challenge. What a great thing.

Not sure how much of a Thanksgiving feast could be assembled from foods harvested within 100 miles of Los Feliz village. Surely a California Thanksgiving would be possible. There are farmers markets throughout the week in Los Angeles, including a community of farmers right in South Central Los Angeles growing and selling their produce here in the city.

There are numerous services that round up local organic produce and leave a box at your door (or your office). This seemed kind of funny to me until I thought about gas consumption. If one truck drops off veggies for everyone in my ZIP code, wouldn't that use less gas than all of us driving separately to a farmers market to get those things?

And there are actually competing services, like these folks and these good people and these folks over here and more.

A box I ordered from Organic Express burst with fruits and vegetables from the San Joaquin valley, San Bernardino County, the Central Coast, the Delta, Fresno and Sacramento. The box included some of the most buttery-delicious golden potatoes I've ever tasted (thank you Bakersfield).

I liked the element of surprise as I opened the box and found red-leafed kale, green beans, broccoli, kidney and pinto beans, those delightful potatoes, leeks, and a week's worth of apples, pears, oranges, and bananas. Bananas! Those thoughtful folks even include a recipe in each week's box to get you going.

Eating local foods and seeing what you can assemble from them is a creative challenge, yet California is one state where this does not limit your options by much.

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• Eliane • said...

Indeed, you have so much great produces all around you... and wines!! In my zip code, we can walk to the farmers market on Sundays and pick the best that our state and the Garden State brings to us. And it is so much fun to come up with new ideas. You can also find recipes and ask for ideas when you are shopping there. They see chefs too.