Saturday, November 10, 2007

Beware! We Breed!

For the last couple of days I have been away - I hope you checked in on some of my blogging pals. There are some I forgot, of course, like all of the MySpace bloggers and Adam Gertsacov and others....

While I was away I found myself at a table full of colleagues and ventured to announce an important bit of news that has filled my life for the last eleven weeks. "Sarah and I are having a baby," I said, simple as that. Glasses were raised in toast. Congratulations were uttered.

I attempted to go further, to remark on the drastic change pregnancy has made to our life together, that the changes started right away, and that I have certainly been feeling the impact. I started this by saying, "If you have noticed me tired lately..." and was immediately cut off by censoring howls.

By way of shutting me up, a voice yelled: "She's the one who's pregnant." And I was welcome to say nothing more. So I sipped my wine and watched parents with their children in the restaurant until I could leave politely.

Anyway, Sarah (the one who is pregnant, in case anyone was unclear about that) harbors a babeling with tiny arms and legs forming and a strong heartbeat. Candidate names are gently flung around the house, and we have reading about what's in store for us week by week; the first baby toys have been acquired, as well as maternity clothes; all kinds of plans I've never thought about are suddenly underway. It is quite a time.

I will not post ultrasound pictures on the blog. This modern practice of passing around ultrasound pictures eludes me a bit. When I have received such pictures via email, I have felt a bit taken aback. "Here, look at a picture of my innards." I would have been willing to take the mom's word for it - and would have waited patiently for adorable baby pictures.

So no ultrasound pictures here. And I'll be discrete about sharing stories of my anxieties and fatigue and things I've never had to think about before, but some of that material is bound to work its way in as June approaches and the baby arrives.

When I came home from the conference, still surprised and a bit ticked by my treatment at that dinner table, I found Sarah resting on the futon watching the film Knocked Up on DVD. She looked up at me and smiled.
* * *
UPDATE: When I finished writing this entry and posted it, I heard laughter from the bedroom. Usually this means that the evil bastard cat has done something halfway endearing. So I walked into the room and found the lady trying on various maternity clothes, laughing gaily at the sheer size of them. Her favorite was a t-shirt emblazoned with the words MOMMY NEEDS SLEEP - a shirt the size of a bedspread.

In a few minutes we're walking down to the farmers market to buy some apples. You need anything?



Congratulations! Your boys can swim!

That's fantastic news, Algernon.... Now, remember, after the child is born, don't banish yourself to a magic island with your monster servants.... It always ends poorly...

j said...

Congratulations!! ^_^ Happy, happy news!

Jane R said...

Hey congrats! I am working my way down the blog, backwards in time, on all I've missed. You didn't mention anyone in June when I saw you. Blessings on your new life.

carly said...

oh my goodness!


congratulations papa


Lian-Marie said...

Wow. Congrats Algernon! I hope the whole "gestation process" goes smoothly and that you both continue to grow in excitement together! yay!

DeeAnne said...

Hey! Congrats! I look forward to cute baby pics!