Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Open Letter to the New Mexico Republican Party

To Matt Kennicott, Executive Director of the Republican Party of New Mexico.

Dear Sir,

Today I received a 'robo-call' from your party seeking to blame your rivals, the Democrats, for abuse of budget earmarks (also known as 'pork' spending). You have reached a family of registered independents who think both our major parties stink, and one reason the GOP and the asses can both go to blazes is hypocrisy.

According to a report from Reuters on April 2 of this year, the leaders in porkbarrel spending last year - in both houses of our Congress - were Republicans. In the House, the winners were Mr. Wicker of Mississippi (at $176.3 million) and Mr. Young of Florida ($169.5 million). A Democrat came in third place, thanks to Mr. Murtha. In the Senate, the top three pork harvesters were Republicans: Senators Cochran, Shelby, and Stevens.

Your recording even had the audacity to mention the infamous "Bridge To Nowhere" while bashing the other party, as if we are too stupid to recall that that project was the baby of Republican Senator Ted Stevens, and supported by the current Governor of Alaska, who is now a candidate for national office and pretends she opposed the project.

Mr. Kennicott, this ad is an embarrassment to your party. Bad enough interrupting working people during dinner time, but to feed us this hypocritical rubbish is to piss into the wind.

Most Sincerely Yours,



quid said...

Hear hear! Thanks to McCain and Palin it is "Who Can Tell the Biggest Earmark Falsehood" Season.


Blue said...

I keep checking back here to see what your opinion of the Friday debate is. I, myself, tend to not side with one party or the other, but the fact is one does have to vote, even if it is an illusion of freedom, so to speak.

At any rate, with the current credit freeze fear mongering, irresponsible journalism, and childish antics as shown by our house of representatives, I don't really like any aspect of our official society right now. Of course, fear mongering, poor journalism, and childish administration seem to be recurring themes in America, but as election time draws near, all these flaws seem to cut deeper.

Algernon said...

Hi Blue! Thanks so much for reading and checking back. I have responded to your query in a separate post, dated October 1.