Friday, October 24, 2008

Believing Everything We Think

It's good to practice what we teach the kids.

Lately, I've been making them hold hands because it challenges them. It's amazing to see the aversion in some of them, as early as kindergarten. They turn into tiny Howard Hughes's, hiding their hands inside their sleeves or consenting only to link their pinkies. "Must...not....touch!!"

At such times their teacher suggests to them that their minds are telling them it's a big deal, even though it isn't.

The school day ends, and the teacher returns to what he does whenever he isn't teaching theatre: fretting about debts. Indeed, fretting so much that he called a lifeline, as on that quiz show - what was it called, uuum, Who Wants To Be Solvent? - and spoke with a money person.

Anguished conversation about payment schedules and interest rates, savings programs, and so forth. Virtual handholding over the phone. Teacher realizes things are not as bad as they were a year ago, even six months ago. Much better, in fact. As for creditors, money person says, "Have you thought of calling up and asking?"

It could not possibly be so easy, teacher protests. They'll bully me into something I cannot afford. Money person says, "Ask." Teacher instinctively pulls sleeves over his hands and says, "Eeeeeeeeeew!"

Then he remembers. Sighs. Mind mind mind. Minding mind. Makes the phone call. Secures a much lower interest rate than he ever anticipated. Sleeps better than he has in days.

Hard times aren't over, but they are overing. Slowly, overing.


You're all looking at me.

Like you're waiting for something.

Oh, right. I know what you're waiting for. Here you go.


Ji Hyang said...

and, thank you for your true practice of liberation.

Hal Johnson said...

Now you're catching on! That little guy is so doggone cute it almost hurts to look at him.

I'm glad to hear that things are looking up financially. I've had a pretty good taste of that myself following six months out on strike. I learned that I liked most everything about being a house husband except the pay.

Hal Johnson said...

I heard a little blurb on NPR from a sociologist several years ago. If two British acquaintances run into each other on the street, they will touch four times in the course of a half-hour conversation. Americans? Eight times. Italians? One hundred and eleven.

I believe that Italians, despite their fondness for wine, have the lowest rate of substance addiction in the western world. Hm. Connections, anyone?

Pam said...

Oh my goodness!! That is adorable personified!!

quid said...

He's awesome!