Monday, October 20, 2008

How I Helped the Senator

Over the weekend, I received some mail from the McCain-Palin campaign. No doubt, they have concluded from my previous communications with them that I am a supporter. And doggone it, I am: I support all of us trying to have some fun with our imaginary democracy, just as I support other forms of performance art.

Pleased, I opened the mail right away and found a fundraising letter that I soon decided could benefit from a little proofreading. I went through with my pen and made some changes, correcting some minor inaccuracies and replacing them with more truthful statements.

For instance, when they wrote that they were dedicated to upholding long-held conservative principles of limited government, strong national defense and individual freedom, I thought no no no, let's get right to the point.

So I crossed out and wrote in the correction: Republican values of deregulation and lack of accountability; bellicose neo-conservatism; and class war.

After all, this is the "straight talk" candidate.

So I went through the letter and made my improvements. I folded it back up and put that in their postage-paid return envelope. I also put in some offers we received in the mail and won't be using ourselves. You know, the man's got to eat while he's campaigning, so he might be able to use those Burger King coupons. I stuffed that postage-paid envelope nice and full, and posted it right away.

Sand, not oil.

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Debby said...

Oh. You make me so proud.