Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Halloween Costume

We were invited to a Halloween party.

After giving it some thought, I decided on a costume.

When they open the door to us, I introduce myself as "Bob the Bailed-Out Banker," and immediately start helping myself to everything in their house. When meeting new people, I say, "How do you do!" and immediately proceed to pick their pockets.

Witty, cheap to put together, and maybe we'll even snag some good china.


Andrew said...

Oh! The horror!

I am already filled with fright.

Pam said...

You're too funny, Alg! Definitely an original idea!

I enjoy Halloween! We're already decked out with the spookies around here.

Joyful Mom ~ Karla said...

You can make "Bob" look even more authentic by applying some sunless tanning lotion to your body. Be sure and brag about your recent stay at the St. Regis Monarch Bay Resort in sunny California. :)

Have fun at the party!

quid said...

A fabulous idea! Don't forget to go to a spa!


Blue said...

Sorry for commenting so late. *blush* this is a response to the entry and set of comments linked below.

Yes, I agree with Kelly, that people, strangely enough, seem more worried that Obama might be a Muslim or an Arab than the fact he is African American. All right leaning people make it a big point to always mention Obama’s middle name because it insights that hate and fear of a dictator, foreigner, and evil. Sadly, even well educated people fall for such transparent ploys.

Given the right circumstances, I’d have voted for McCain, but he has done far too much to sell his soul to win, and that makes me far more uncomfortable than any mistakes Obama’s running mate may have made about the order of presidents. Voting for McCain would make me feel like I’m encouraging that hate I have seen boil over in his campaign, and like him being president would only serve to fuel hate sentiments we should really work on getting over.

It is a shame that race and religion and gender are factors in our society, Kelly, but they really and truly are, and nothing will change that, methinks. It seems to me that religious and gender issues will be harder to get over than our race problems. You’ll seldom run across someone willing to openly and vocally spit racial epithets, but you’ll hear dozens of degrading comments about women in the first three hours of turning on the radio, and would have no trouble finding someone willing to disparage any other religion other than Christianity.

As for Obama’s voting record, where would one find public records of legislation people have voted on. It would be interesting to be able to read the exact wording of what the candidates have voted on, rather than taking a news source’s word for it, or believing what any one candidate claims.

I’ve come up with an idea, similar to Wikipedia, where you do searches by zip code and information and direct links come up about your local officials, congressmen, and state senators. It would be an unbiased tool for anyone to use to learn about who our elected leaders truly are. Anyone can steal that idea from me, btw. I’m far more interested in seeing such a site than taking the credit for it.

Lastly, I’m not sure just how much I would invest in what Obama and McCain are saying about what they will or will not do. From prior experience, people by now should have long realized that 90% of what the candidates claim they’ll do get shelved, ignored, or reversed within the first three months of their tenure. It’s far more important to vote for whom, in your heart, feels like a stronger, more capable, and intelligent leader.

Note: Algernon, don't forget that, when you are questioned about what you've stolen or taken, to have abnormally long pauses before you answer the question, and begin your answer by saying, "It isn't that simple."