Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Slapping and Pulling

Spent a weekend in west Los Angeles, another one of these quick trips in order to don my robes and pronounce a nice young couple as married persons in front of weeping parents and beaming friends.

It was not long enough to visit many of my friends, although this time I was smart enough to convince two friends to let me stay in their house so I could see them for a couple of hours, at least. The whole drive was worth it just to wander Venice Beach with Chris and visit the spectacle, this weird human bazaar of the Venice promenade, and inspecting books in that bookstore I used to frequent. The Fig Tree Cafe told us we could only sit if we were buying a full meal - coffee would not be enough. That isn't how it used to be. There once was a time you could sit here and nurse your coffee as you watched the hucksters and wackos cavorting in front of the ocean. Chris said to him, "You aren't a cafe, then. You're a restaurant."

Venice is changing. Different people own the property now and they aren't as charmed by the old madness, the unique edginess of this boardwalk. The laws are changing accordingly, and there is a bit less color to the place now. The merchants win their space in a lottery, and limits have been placed on performers. It feels tainted.

Strange to think I lived near the Pacific Ocean for so long. I hadn't noticed myself missing it much, but there it was all weekend. The wedding took place at Duke's restaurant up in Malibu, on the Pacific Coast Highway in a little room full of windows looking out across the sea. As the vows were exchanged, waves slammed into rocks and sprayed dramatically into the air behind us.

The photographer stole pictures of me when I took a breather on the deck, watching the water slap the shore and then pull back, slapping and pulling, on and on, wearing the beach and the rocks away. This has been happening a very long time and it will continue when I have passed away and the things I worry about no longer cross my mind.

* * *

But you haven't come here to read about that. You're here for Gabriel pics! Enjoy.


Kelly said...

Honestly, Gabriel just seems to be getting cuter and cuter! He's past that infant stage into the regular baby stage now. Next thing you know he'll be mobile and into everything!

The descriptions you provided here sound so foreign to me. It fascinates me when I think how all of us are individuals, living and seeing our lives in totally different ways. Some folks are happy with their "places" in life... others not so happy. As you spoke of the waves crashing on the beach I thought of how I feel when I walk through the woods around my house. The sense of peace in nature is incredible! (unless, of course, you hear coyotes howling or some other reminder of how violent nature can be! Than again, that's always a good lesson of how nature really works. Death is part of life.)

Hal Johnson said...

Hey, I enjoy your writing, but you were getting a little stingy with the Gabriel picks there for a while, ey?

Debby said...

Oh what a cutie.

No, Sarah, NOT you. Gabriel.