Thursday, October 02, 2008

Those Shoestring Folks Are So Nice

First of all, they liked my play enough to produce it. Secondly, they did a nice job. (You can hear it for another day or two on their website, here.) In response to my note of thanks, they wrote back to tell me they had fun producing it - which is the only reason I wrote the thing in the first place, to have some fun.

I was especially pleased with the first half of the play, which moved at a snappy pace just as I hoped. There is a lot of fun dialogue in the first half. In the second half, where things begin to get really weird, it appears I over-wrote and director Jonathan Wind had to make some cuts.

Why, I had so much fun (not to mention learned a thing or two), I have already begun a draft of another play for radio - inspired by the vivid memory of Geraldo Rivera reporting on Hurricane Ike, dancing on a seawall in Galveston as the storm arrived that Thursday night. Idiot. So we're going to have a tremendous storm, an odious reporter, and a leviathan.
Let's give the sound guys another interesting assignment!


The AudioComics Team said...

For goodness sakes, yes! Keep writing audio, A!

Jane R said...

Yeah, nice job! I got a little confused at the end but I just finished listening after the debate (just before you posted over at my place!) and, ya know, my head was buzzin' from all that straight talk about job creation, ya know, and the American people.