Friday, October 03, 2008

Your Pick Always Wins

There are polls suggesting Senator Joe Biden won the Vice-Presidential infomercial last night. Others feel it was Sarah Palin's show. To be fair, this event was more like a debate than what transpired last week between the two national party candidates.

To declare a winner, though, seems an elusive thing. In a sense, they both won their individual objectives. Governor Palin, whose star has faded somewhat, pulled out an unexpectedly competent performance, demonstrating better preparation here than she did for round of television interviews. She makes a likable evangel for the disasterous religion of supply-side economics. The only problem is, a good performance in a debate doesn't make you right, and so much that came out of her mouth was wrong. On Iraq, she was imbecilic. On health care, she was disingenuous, lying about Obama's plan and dissembling prettily over the cost of McCain's plan.

Biden 'won' by doing no harm to himself or the Illinois Senator. In his hunger to jab at McCain, he made misleading statements about how the Arizona senator has voted on military appropriations and tax bills. No howlers, just the usual unnecessary exaggerations and fudges that would diminish a candidate if anyone had higher expectations.

No surprise that those inclined to Sarah Palin believe she won for her spirited presentation, and those inclined to Joe Biden think he won on "substance." It was still a joint campaign infomercial in a campaign that has been short on sense, restricted to two arrogant national parties who are not compelled to make sense or tell the truth.

But it gave me something to listen to on a long drive, so I am thankful. Preceding the debate, however, was something much more interesting, on the topic of Iran. Have a listen.

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quid said...

Thanks for the heads up on Baer's new book. I loved "See No Evil". The book on Cheney, "Angler" is on tap for me. (Just gotta get myself all stirred up :) )

The usual unnecessary exaggerations abound from all 4 of them. Sigh. But then, I guess I do it myself... I know I've written at least a thousand memorable poems....