Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Monday Already In Progress

Instead of blogging, I've been working on two scripts, one of which is now on its way to the National Audio Theatre Festival. The other one, also an audio play, is crawling along. It's the sort of thing that might in the end be more fun for me than for anyone else. The story involves a brash reporter, a hurricane, Al Capone, and a gigantic whale.

All is well up at the Silver City Zen Center. Sarah brought the baby up there this weekend to meet some of the folks up there, on a beautiful, chilly autumn day.

Gabriel (who is six months old, can you believe that?) has been enjoying his first solid foods, although he went nine days without a poop and worried his parents for a while. And when the poop finally came yesterday, lo, it was astonishing. Opening his diaper, I was reminded of footage of mudslides in southern California, and imagined I could see houses in there. Gabriel was well pleased with his efforts.

And another Monday is already in progress, so it is time to be presentable and impart the mysteries of theatre. Adieu for now...


Kelly said...

Six months old already?! How time flies....and you didn't even provide us with a photo to mark the occasion!

Pam said...

No poop for 9 days??? Wow!! I think I would have been a bit concerned, too.

I would also be a happy camper after a 9-day poop!!!

I'll never think of mudslides the same again.....

It is hard to believe he's already 6 months old.

Anonymous said...

From what I could see of the pictures and youtube features, which you have posted in the months since Gabriel's birth, he definitely blooms. But I regretted that for several posts already you haven't posted a picture of him.

Though I appreciated the facts which you shared about yourself in your previous post. And I respect and appreciate you as a writer.