Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Drat! Blog Tag!

Are these things fun, or are they annoying? I don't know, which is why I'm shy to play these "tag you're it" blog games. Two readers have 'tagged' me today, and I wouldn't mind a break from this script I'm finishing (another submission for the National Audio Theatre Festival's annual competition), so here goes.

My assignment is to tell you 7 "random and/or weird facts" about myself. Then I am to tag 7 random people at the bottom and let them know they've been tagged.

Really? 7 random people? Rockin'!



Years ago, he played a woman in realistic drag in a stage play, and was luridly curious as to whether he was attractive as a woman - but never dared ask any of his friends.

He has a weakness for sudoku and online chess.

Flirted with Gillian Anderson in Chicago in 1989, when they were both at DePaul University's theatre school, while he was blacked-out drunk. Friends at the party said he was actually more charming drunk, and he found this information very alarming. Besides which, he doesn't even remember the encounter with Ms. Anderson. (Unsurprisingly, he only lasted one semester at DePaul.)

He rarely gets around to cleaning his car and feels quite embarrassed about it. The other day, wife and mother-in-law took a drive in it, and he just wanted to crawl into a crack in the bathroom tile.

For some reason sub-conscious, being around mountains makes him want to chant his old Korean Zen chants. On foot, in the car, whatever. Mountains = chanting time. A long time ago, camping with a Buddhist friend in West Virginia, this caused a little bit of tension. One companion wanted to honor the mountain with silence, and the other wanted to sing the Dae Dharani.

Was nearly struck by lightning several times as a child - so often that for a while he was deathly afraid of thunderstorms, as he came to think nature was seriously coming to kill him, as family and friends edged away from him when the weather turned bad. His flesh still creeps a bit when the lightning is close, but he feels much better about it now.

Was strangely obsessed with the Marx Brothers' biographies as a teenager, and even wrote and staged a full-length tribute to Groucho Marx when he was 18 years old. People say it was an entertaining show, if a little bit odd.

All right, that was my seven. Wasn't that FASCINATING!?

Now, following the directions quite explicitly, I tag these 7 random people:

* Glenn Greenwald of Salon.com (one of the very best legal/political bloggers right now).

* Kip Hawley at the Transportation Security Administration

* Andrew Schark, who never tells his friends how he's doing.

* Ji Hyang Sunim, Buddhist nun and trapeze student.

* Mr. Steven J. Smith, exposer of the "Tehachapi Covert Underground Complex."

* This dude who seriously thinks JFK was assassinated by the vatican.

* Last but certainly not least, The Amazing Randi.

Go read more about these interesting and randomly-assorted people. Maybe they will respond to my tag, maybe they won't...


Kelly said...

Ah. Considering your relationship with lightning, perhaps you will believe my claim of an encounter with a lightning ball?? It was night (and no, I was not in bed nor was I dreaming) and it floated in through the closed window then just dissipated. I remember it vividly! My family members just shake their heads and give me that littlle smile that says "you're crazy".

Pam said...

So far, of all the 'getting to know you' type emails that go around, this has been the most fun and enlightening.

I'm learning fun and interesting things about my friends,even my sister.

I'm sure there will be those who will laugh at some of my own revelations.

quid said...

Interesting. Informative. I'm a Greenwald fan, myself.

That thing with the lightning is a little disturbing. Methinks we could develop you into a TV show drama.