Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Cat Ran Off

Occurs to me this morning that I haven't given you all an update on Schroeder, the twitchy black cat Sarah adopted as a kitten, who grew up to become a MySpace blogger and a protector deity to our newborn baby.

Schroeder appeared to take our move to New Mexico well and was reconciled to the addition of a baby human in the household, provided he still got to snack on salsa occasionally. We got him new toys that he seemed to like.

One day in September, he left a fecal offering on the kitchen floor and Sarah put him outside so she could clean up. She heard him meow. And during the time Sarah swabbed the floor with vinegar, Schroeder ran off. It was that abrupt. He was there, he was gone.

We walked the neighborhood, including the alleyways between blocks where the trash is collected. We drove around. Friends or family members would tell us they saw a black cat, and we'd look. But no Schroeder.

We gave him up for dead. Schroeder was a spoiled indoor cat who dreamed himself a deadly panther, yet cowered in fear from spiders. How could such a creature survive out there with large dogs, pickup trucks, freight trains, and lots of spiders?

This month, however, Sarah discovered Schroeder alive and well, right in our neighborhood, sniffing around our neighbor's yard. She called to him and he sauntered away. He has a new home around the corner. He might have thumbed his nose at her, if he had a thumb.

Just like him! That's Schroeder to a tee.


Pam said...

While I'm glad that Schroeder is alive and well, he is one example of why I'm a dog person when it comes to furkids.

I'm afraid all 4 of our furkids are as neurotic as the rest of this crazy clan! LOL!!

Hal Johnson said...

HA! Just like a cat.

Reminds me of a t-shirt I once saw:
"Dog is man's best friend. Man is cat's best friend."

I'm glad he wasn't found flattened.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear Schroeder is alive and well!

Kelly said...

I'm also glad to hear that Schroeder is still among the living.

Hope Sarah didn't take it too personally when he snubbed her.