Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fun With Medicines

Ran home from the pharmacy with my little bag, receipt stapled to it in a beautiful bundle, like some fresh fish just-wrapped at the butcher shop, and I ran home like a starving urchin to ravage the hand-proof bottle caps and BEGIN THE DAMNED HEALING PROCESS ALREADY.

Hello, my little superhero friends! The bacteria has a head start on you, I am afraid, so I think I'll go ahead and TAKE ALL THREE OF YOU AT ONCE!



And GULP, by Circe!

That's when Abraham Lincoln looked at one of my bottles and said, "Cipro. Now wait, I may have heard wrong through my one good ear, but I think this is stuff they were giving anthrax victims in Washington in 2001..." At that moment, the bottle crawled out of his hand and snuggled up to the coffee maker, adopting it as his mother.

Baby Gabriel clucked and spat, and tugged at the carpet until it flew up and stood parallel to Lincoln's silhouette for an instant before the shadow flew away on brittle wing snaps, two crow feathers falling in his wake, which is always how Lincoln leaves me. Alone with the monkeys out in the side yard, starting their mad barking a little early today.

I had to sit down.
Gabriel giggled and flew into the air as I passed beneath searching for the bed, where is the bed, I need to lie down right away, can't find my - what is this - no, no, this is Sarah's car. I've gone outside!

"Lost, fella?" I turned to the left and it was Hondo, all faded WarnerColor goodness. "My bed," said I, "I think I was a little overzealous with the monkeys."

"I know how that is," said Hondo with a shrug. "Here, step into my tent."

I did, wonderful burlap-sage-burnt smelling tent, and down I crashed through buttery jade leaves and sandpaper cat tongues while the nurses pulled my bed up around me and I hung from the fireplace snug in my bedstocking content to sleep til shambhala.

Callooo! Callay!


Debby said...

This doesn't sound like 'Fun with Medicines' to me.

Pam said...

What you have is not fun and games, Alg. Take the meds, ALL of them and let the healing begin!

Let yourself be nursed back to health. You think this is fun? Try not following Dr. Pammy's orders and see how much fun the game "relapse" is!! :)

Not fun.

quid said...

You've got it bad, my friend. Some of the best writing is the most delirious. You qualify.

Get well. Rest.