Monday, February 16, 2009

Red-Baiting On Health Care Getting Old

During the past week, I have had a little bit of time to lie on my back. Sometimes people ask me how I'm feeling, and I have not offered a simple answer. I'm not dead. I trust the antibiotic is killing the infection in my right lung. The medicines I am taking have side effects that make me feel a bit unwell.

While recovering from my medicine and following my doctor's command to rest, I have been reading a history of the American labor movement from the Civil War to the Eisenhower Administration. Some of the events that have taken place in labor relations are truly stunning. People who called George W. Bush things like "the worst president in history" might not know we have had presidents who allowed the national guard and the United States army to be deployed against citizens, as strike-breaking forces. Today, we complain about corporate bonuses and other excessive spending by corporations. How many of us recall Ford turning machine guns on its own employees who were striking for the eight-hour day?

One tried and true tactic against progress has been the red scare, a play still very much in use today. With the eight-hour day and living wage, there come a point where the public simply rejected the idea that decent working conditions and reasonable pay was a Communist ideal.

Perhaps, at last, it will be the same with American health care. A new poll suggests that maybe, just maybe, public opinion is warming to the idea of government involvement in health care, and turning away from the ongoing red-baiting and fear-mongering about it. (Today subsidized pharmacies, tomorrow bread lines and gulags!!)

Let us be cautiously optimistic.


Pam said...

I trust by your post you're feeling a tad better. :)

Sure the meds have some annoying side effects, sometimes, however, these nasty infections (respiratory) can quickly turn deadly if not treated and treated correctly.

My last bout with pneumonia was less than a year ago. NOT fun! Also, not to be taken lightly.

Glad you are on the mend. I know exactly how you feel. You're becoming feisty again which makes me smile.

Heal quickly!

Again...sending more healing vapors!

Debby said...

Health care for everyone would be a huge blessing.