Monday, February 09, 2009

The RNC Chairman Says I Am Jobless

My mood is pretty low. I have been sick for such a long time, with a sinus infection or virus that just won't go away, lots of work to do and no energy for it. A student was injured in my class last week, which made for the worst day of my life. I then had to leave for a 2-day conference in Santa Fe of arts educators, and I experienced the event through a haze of cold medicine and illness.

This isn't an invitation to a pity party, just letting you know times are not cheerful. Moreover, the newly elected chairman of the Republican National Committee says I don't have a job!

Here is the chairman of one of our national parties on George Stephanopoulos's show this weekend: "Not in the history of mankind has government ever created a job."

Hmmm. I wonder how these things turned up...

To say nothing of bridges, buildings, sewer systems, tunnels, the submarines that kept so much of my home state employed for so long, and -- well, it's a pretty long list. Yet Michael Steele, chairman of one of our two national parties, one of two parties we allow to participate in national politics, says those jobs don't count because they come from government.
"A job," he said, "Is something that a business owner creates."

Stephanopoulos no doubt wondered if he had heard right. "A job doesn't count if it's a government job?"

Steele: "If you've got a government contract that is a fixed period of time, it goes away. The work may go away."

Yet jobs "go away" for all kinds of reasons - and 600,000 went away in the past month. Business owners employ huge numbers of people on a contractual, rather than a permanent, basis. This man has nothing sensible to say about jobs, and yet he is on TV with George Stephanopoulos. This, friends, is one of two political parties we permit in Congress, while keeping other parties out.

I ask this question frequently, and it stands: Why do we assume these are the only two political parties competent to address the people's business? Why are must we embrace "bipartisan" efforts incorporating insane and discredited ideas? Isn't there a point where we grant higher status to good information and sensible ideas, and dismiss the stupid and incorrect? The assumption that the only solutions to a sluggish economy can come exclusively from the owner class is wrong, disproven, documented, and put away.


Debby said...

8 years of feeding big business so that big business would take care of 'the people' has not worked. Big business' big executives have nicely taken care of themselves though.

Sorry about your job. News like that knocks you down hard, even without a sinus infection. Ever tried a neti pot? Regular use has kept my problems to a minimum. For the very first time I had no sinus infections this winter at all.

Take care, understand that big blessings can arise from hard times. I will be checking back in with you on a regular basis in confidence that this will happen in your family's life.

Pam said...

I definitely sympathize with you and the sinus infection. I've been battling one that went into a horribly painful ear infection that, after 10 days of massive medication, is still there and my ear still has fluid and I'm still deaf as a post in my right ear.

Never had an ear infection like this before. Tomorrow is the only day I don't work this week so I was fortunate enough to find a good ENT that will see me on short notice!

Never realized how painful an ear infection could be. Also never realize how disconcerting having virtually no hearing in one ear can be in daily life!!! Going on 21/2 weeks with that frustrating irritation!

Heal, my friend!

Flu, Strep and all sorts of nasty infections have, quite literally, infested the elementary schools in this area! It's a hot bed of germs! Nasty germs!!

Donna said...

Now look what you did! Debby's probably lighting a candle and saying a prayer for you as I type.

Debby, he's a public school teacher, which means he doesn't have a job according to the new RNC Chairman.

I'm sorry about your sinus infection virus thing. I hope you feel better soon.

We at least have a president who is looking beyond his own party for the answers. Give him time. He may go even further than just the two.

quid said...

You know what I always say.

You don't?

I say... a job is a job is a job is a job is a job

You can quote me.