Monday, March 30, 2009

Anything Viv, Please

It is not always fun to be thirsty, but I am always thirsty for some new footage of the mad and wonderful Vivian Stanshall.

For the uninitiated, I don't know how to introduce you. I just don't. There is a tribute site to him here. Lots there. Leader of the Bonzo Dog Band...

...humorist, innovative musician, visual artist, and a great mind of his generation ("Why don't wear hippos wear hats?").

I'm easy to bend. I begin where I end. I'm soft and I'm pink and I'm shy. I'm legless and armless and hairless and harmless. I'll give you three guesses. Who am I?

Yeah, I don't know how to explain. I can't. He brooks no explanation, and brooks don't need explaining anyway.

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