Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Local Touch

Ran into Will on my walk with Gabriel the other day. Will stocks the alcohol at Pepper's Supermarket, and is open to suggestions. Sometimes I take Gabriel into Page's store -- she runs the health food store. I buy my miso from her, and other things. She has local produce as well, sometimes good and sometimes smallish. That's how it goes.

Gabriel also likes to go visit Mr. Parsons, who runs the used book shop on Copper Street, and has a lovely dog named Ryjal who adores little boys in strollers. Last time I was in there, Mr. Parsons alerted me to a book he found he thought would interest me. He is hoping for a sale, yes, but doing it through personal customer service - the local touch.

I've played in theatres larger than Deming's downtown, but there is local community here, and Deming's Mainstreet program is trying to proliferate that spirit.

Some of the folks working the local soil and producing food around here live across the street from the school where I teach. Shopowners live near their businesses. Business has a face.

If indeed economic times are going to get even worse before they get better, it is likely going to bring more attention to the ways we can do more with less within our communities - to borrow a phrase from Michael Shuman. A short but fascinating interview with him about shopping locally is here.

And that's our morning. You have a good one.

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Kelly said...

...and people sometimes wonder why I like living in such a small town.