Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Night of January 13th" Opens In Deming

It's been a while but I'm on a stage again. Deming Performing Arts has produced Ayn Rand's Broadway play from the 1934-5 season, Night of January 16th, at Deming's restored Train Depot. I burst in to the courtoom like a mortar round at the end of Act II as a small-time mobster. Don't mess with those middle-aged lady bailiffs -- they know judo and stuff!
Click on the pic for an enhanced view of my arrest.


MarionL said...

Alg, your look FABulous! Wish I could've sees you in action.

quid said...

Maria once said you should be arrested. Got her wish.

Or maybe I made that all up.

I bet you're loving the stage again. YAY!!