Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Piled Hip Deep Degree

As I said in a recent post, a minority party that talks sensibly about the matters affecting our lives is essential for representative democracy, such as it is. This is especially true as long as we are chained to two-party rule.

The Democrats hold a majority of Congress and the presidency, while the minority party continues to devolve: the RNC is a mess, the chairman of the party is a laughing stock, one of the party's rising stars gave a televised speech mocking disaster preparedness, and so on. The party is not talking rationally about the economy or what to do about it, they lie about or misunderstand the policies they criticize, and have intentionally lied about items in the stimulus bill and the budget.

In sum, they are not in a position to credibly challenge and debate matters before Congress, or the President's ideas. This is a real political crisis. We have a President with an ambitious agenda who will present lots of initiatives to a Congress dominated by his own party. Even his good ideas need to be tested.

Think of all the doctoral theses that have never made a tangible difference in your life. They were all challenged and defended in a rigorous process. There is nothing like that in place for the policies that determine your rights, your school district's funds, the taxes you pay, the regulation of industry, consumer protection, and other things that affect you.

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