Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Waiting For Hummingbirds

My parents got buried in snow up in Rhode Island, and thus I feel a little guilty watching the sun present itself over the garage while the birds sing and I don't need to turn the heat up. New Mexico is giving spring a try.

Gabriel, at nine and a half months, stood up by himself on Sunday, holding onto a chair for balance. I imagine him walking around with his hands on the furniture any week now. His babble resembles english words which is sometimes a bit startling. I am not ready for my son to speak to me, and won't be ready when it happens, and it will happen even though I am not ready. So it goes.

It is amazing to admit that I am still congested, still coughing albeit less often, that my illness just doesn't want to make a graceful exit. It is hanging on like Governor Blagojevich, still giving press conferences and basking in the media limelight hours after he was impeached and thrown out of office in Illinois. I have the Blagojevich Virus. It just won't go away. Kill it, and it turns into something else and hangs on . I and the United States Senate both have it.

It is a long way to spring break, but New Mexico is giving it a try, warming things up in time for the new Zen group to occupy the garage. We'll see if anyone actually comes tomorrow night. That's how it goes with sitting groups. You may have company, or you may be doing solo practice. You show up, light the candle, bow to Buddha, and see.

With warmer weather, there will be projects. Our washing machine entered nirvana months ago, and the layer of grime underneath the metal hulk will require lashings of boiling water, solvents, and perhaps some light explosives to clean once we finally remove the beast. By the way, we have been cleaning our wardrobe by beating it with rocks.

We need to visit City of Rocks again before the rattlesnakes wake up.

The birdfeeder needs a cleaning, and this reminds me to put up hummingbird feeders this year. When I see hummingbirds, then I will allow myself some optimism and maybe even a little cheer.

For now, it is a long way to rest, and I just coughed again.


Kelly said...

Ah... once he takes off on two feet life will never be the same (not that it probably has been since his birth, but you know what I mean).

You made me laugh out loud with the Blagojevich Virus comment.

Pam said...

Both my kids walked at about 9 months, so did Connor and Sam. I had hoped Connor might knock Sam down enough that he might be a walking terror a bit later. Not so.

Connor walked so early and so well that he had to be out of the baby bed when I looked in his room one day and found him dancing on the rail!!!! 9 months.

They are so cute, tho', when first mobile and toddling around feeling elated at all the new things that entails!!!

My feeders are full and full of my feathered friends. I see lots of 'chasing' going on from my window, which makes me know that Spring is not far away.

Feel better. The Blago Virus takes quite a while (often) to compeletly exit the stage.

Sending additional healing thoughts your way....