Sunday, June 07, 2009

Another Name On The Altar

Names of those who are suffering or, worse, have recently quit this mortal coil are remembered on the altar in our "zen garage."

Since April, I've been finding ways to work special chanting into the daily routine. If Sarah and Gabriel go off somewhere, I'll slip into the "hut" and do some chanting, usually to Ji Jang Bosal, the bodhisattva whose name we chant in remembrance of the dead.

Sadly, another name went up today. Someone I met long ago, when I still lived in New York City. A friend of my cousin. A man who became famous, twenty years ago, for something unpleasant. He came forward, that is, with a terrible but necessary revelation, and then set about the long, long task of healing and reclaiming his life. His story encouraged others to come forward with similar stories. A famous man fell from grace. It was a shitstorm. Kevin, a real person, right in the middle of it. A man I knew not for startling headlines and the backlash against him in the press, but as a generous and very funny man who enjoyed good food and loved his friends, including my cousin. We weren't in touch after I left New York (that was in 1993) but I remember him fondly.

So that post about Al Pacino playing Shylock will wait a bit. Time to chant.


Pam said...

So sorry about the loss, Alg!

Kelly said...

My sympathy for your loss.