Sunday, June 14, 2009

High Definition Life

Maureen Dowd had a funny piece today about the advent of high-definition television. In particular, at the end of the piece, she quotes newscasters and actresses on the cosmetic issues, as the super-pixellated pictures reveal more than we ever wanted to see in the skin and on the clothes of those who deliver our corporate-filtered news, the glorification of dullards and assholes (aka "reality television"), and feather-brained drama with prominent commercial product placement throughout.

In other words, the picture is clearer but the programming is still basura.

The transfer was this weekend, the farewell to analog broadcast in favor of digital.

Here at Casa D'Ammassa, the same old television sits in the living room waiting to play DVDs. We celebrated the "HD Switchover" by, of all things, going to see a live play.

Timothy McAndrews, a Demingite actor and playwright, directed a production of Moss and Hart's classic play You Can't Take It With You at the theatre space in the train depot. The actors could have picked up their cues a bit more briskly, but it was really not bad. And this wasn't analog or digital -- it was the most ancient of broadcast media, something called "LIVE."

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