Friday, June 12, 2009

Honk Chronicles, Day 5

Two boys get a "come to Jesus" from their director (me) in the Scary Papa Voice. And it wasn't about theology.

After this, boys rehearse with attitudes and attention much improved.

We rehearse in spite of an enchilada luncheon, a birthday party setup, another camp using our hall as a receiving area for their trip, and several people gone missing. It is surprising how much we get done, but it isn't enough.

During cleanup, I absent-mindedly start singing the "Ladybugs' Picnic" song, and one of the young'uns knows it and starts singing along. A good way to end the week.

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quid said...

Loved the "Exit Song" in an earlier entry and I'd never seen it before. This one, however, is an old favorite -- in fact, it was like opening an old photo album to start playing it. Tom and I sang this song repeatedly on the long trip to day care You've brought me back.